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The “Hypnotic Sales” concept refers to a set of little-known but powerful techniques developed by subconscious behaviourist Javier Marti to connect to, and interact with, the subconscious mind of our prospects in order to help them do better decisions, faster.
Hypnotic Sales techniques facilitate persuasion by structuring the tempo, tone and emotional impact of the presentation at all times, uncovering subconscious triggers and obstacles and leading the imagination of our prospect to make our product, service or idea “irresistible” to him/her. Hypnotic Sales techniques can be used online and offline in any area of life but are particularly useful in the world of business promotion, high-ticket item sales and high-stakes negotiation situations.


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Whether you are planning an energizing weekend workshop for your staff, or simply want them to learn the most powerful persuasion techniques, we can help.


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Persuade better,
in any situation

Learn the secrets that "naturals" use to win over audiences, forge alliances and be liked by others in all sorts of situations. What do they say? How do they say it? When do they say it? What does their body language say? How do they structure the interaction? Even if "naturals" don't know how they do it, now you will be able to use the techniques they use.


Create more engaging marketing campaigns

Get an edge over you competition by understanding exactly what works best with your audience, at a subconscious level. Make the right choice of platform, time of day, and message in function of the personality of your target customer. Learn to create marketing personae that deliver consistent results and effective targeting at all levels of the purchase cycle..

Manage teams more effectively

Achieve the success you deserve by learning to read people better, in any situation. Learn to deliver powerful presentations that prime your audience to "buy" the idea, product, service or change you propose. Manage interactions with colleagues, stakeholders and superiors in the most effective manner. Gain the trust and support of subordinates and associates easily and quickly.


Learn from the comfort of your home

Watch or attend our webinars from anywhere in the world


Our content is designed to be consumed wherever and whenever is most convenient to you. No need to wait at airports to come to see us in person.

All our information is delivered through:


All presentations include practical exercises to adapt the lessons learned to your product and begin using your new knowledge as soon as you are back at work.

Prepare to be “fired up” with dozens of powerful ideas you can use right away!


What this training will help YOU to do…




What you will learn


Why spend time reading hundreds of books and videos on this topic, when Javier has already done it for you? Over the last twenty years Javier has been carefully selecting the most useful information about sales and persuasion available around the world to bring you these insightful and informative presentations. Here are just some of the hundreds of tips, techniques and key pieces of information you will learn in these presentations:


  1. Step-by-step instructions on how to make your product irresistible to top-tier clients in the shortest possible time
  2. Behind the scenes access to the secret techniques of some of the world’s most successful marketers and copywriters
  3. Key features of the mind that lead clients to want to buy your product from you
  4. Insight into the key elements of campaigns, images and sales copy that can double your sales overnight
  5. Principles of subconscious sales persuasion that can be applied over any medium, anytime
  6. How to persuade more effectively online via websites and email
  7. When to use short copy, long copy, videos, or a combination of the three
  8. Latest technologies and techniques to speed up client’s progress through your sales funnel
  9. An abundance of video and image examples that work for others, and will work for you
  10. Circadian rhythms, life stages, biological well-being and their impact in the prospect’s subconscious mind
  11. Effective methods to bypass critical objections and negative subconscious associations with your product or company
  12. How to sell high-ticket items to prospects that are “just curious” about your product
  13. Using social media for highly-effective stealth persuasion

…and much, much more.



Ready-made templates you can apply to your product right away


NOTE: the videos below include only basic techniques at the foundation of our more advanced training. Our enrolled students have access to our best confidential material, templates and techniques.





Example I. Video-sales pitch structure EXAMPLE


Online video is an important part of most modern marketing strategy campaigns, particularly for small businesses…but what is the structure of a good video sales pitch? Watch this clip for a live example demonstration of the optimal structure of a video-sales pitch. In this case the example used is an online course to help women succeed in relationships. Subtitles on the video indicate techniques applied in each moment.



Example II. What effective subconscious persuasion can do through “mere conversation”


If you had the ability to get someone to not be able to open their eyes or move their body "from A to B", how difficult would it be for you to persuade them to sign on the dotted line, give you a raise or choose your product over your competitor’s product?


If you were able to give another person any feeling you choose, how easy would it be for you to associate good feelings with your product in this person’s mind, or negotiate a better deal by making the other party experience trust or pleasure when your proposal is introduced?

In this demonstration of hypnosis for  therapeutic purposes, Javier demonstrates the power of subconscious persuasion through the use of verbal communication, body language, kinesthetic programming, anchoring, calibrating and modulation.

The techniques seen here and mastered by Javier have been adapted to the world of sales and persuasion through Hypnotic Sales training.

WARNING – The techniques seen in this video are extremely powerful. Please use these techniques responsibly.



Example III. Subtle influence techniques in subconscious persuasion


The following video – viewed more than 35.000 times on youTube – gives an overview of basic human psychology applied to the sales field.

In this presentation Javier walks the viewer through a short sample of our many subtle techniques  to positively prime prospects to gain fast rapport and close sales without effort.


Powerful concepts clearly explained through practical examples


There is much more to the mind than we think about – like the concept of Ideasthesia, one of the many deep and powerful concepts we go over in our training. Join us and learn how YOU can start using to your advantage the natural mechanisms that humans use to learn, communicate…and be easily persuaded.



Not another “NLP training” course

Hypnotic sales training includes the best research and discoveries made in several different different scientific and business areas of knowledge including neuromarketing, evolutionary psychology, behavioral economics, professional copywriting, online marketing, morphopsychology, hypnosis AND neuro-linguistic programming.




Your competitors are already learning about it. Are you?

Whether you sell to individual buyers or must effectively influence a decision-making panel, we can help you understand human decision-making at a deeper level than traditional sales training teaches. This increases your chances of success and reduces the effort, time and follow-up required to make a sale.





Will this training help YOU?


If you are ready to create more powerful “unconscious” influence in the mind of any person you are in contact with, over any medium, this training is for you.

Hypnotic Sales training will give you the ability to influence others below the level of conscious awareness, encouraging them to see the benefits of aligning to your plan, point of view, or proposition in a way that feels “natural” to them.

As the latest research on neuromarketing proves, old persuasion techniques are increasingly “out”. New techniques that target the subconscious mind are “in” and businesses and individuals that understand this are already reaping the benefits of their application.


Are you going to be left behind? Remember:


The most effective advertisements are the ones consumers don’t even realize they have seen.



What others are saying about our training…


Whether you learn from us online or in person, you’ll have much to say about what you have discovered with us.



” I would highly recommend Javier’s talk, it was absolutely fascinating. There were a lot of tips around how to interact and understand people providing a lot of food for thought….”
James Cook (Spider Group)


“I thought I’d post up a special thanks to Javier for his talk this morning. We hand picked a topic for him which he hadn’t done before, and SO glad we did.. Was absolutely fascinating! and I’m actually hoping I get to hear it again.. there was so much useful information in it! Thanks Javier.. you totally rock!!!”
Adam Saunders, Neetrix Ltd


“Thank you so much for meeting me Javier. It was really incredible to hear what you shared and you have taught me so much just from one meeting with you. I very much look forward to attending your workshop and to follow your good work.”
Michelle Hobbardl, relationship coach


Complete solutions for every budget


Need a hypnotic twist to your product, campaign or website? Want to get more prospects to sign on the dotted line? We have you covered, with a wide range of pricing options to match your budget:

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Javier Marti is a graduate of Dublin Business School and the Hypnosis Motivation Institute – strategy consultant, experienced speaker, hypnotherapist and founder of SunshineHypnosis.co.uk and HypnoticSales.co.uk. He is a subconscious behaviorist specialized in helping organizations, small businesses and individuals to optimize systems, increase profits and make better choices in business and in life.

An avid follower of future trends through more than 2000 posts on his blog Trendinews.com, Javier shares his insight in the areas of technology, psychology and business with audiences around the world including University College of London, Marketing Magazine UK, the University of Glasgow, City of Bristol college, International General Counsel magazine, University of St Andrews, Compass Magazine, Digital Money Conference, Bristol Community Radio, Bitcoin Magazine, MSIradio.com, RMNDigital.com and others.

Javier’s media features assist journalists and the general public to learn more about, and understand Bitcoin’s potential uses and its future. He is also the author of several articles on Bitcoin including “Up and down: the positive and negative consequences of dramatic bitcoin price corrections” and “Do Bitcoins hold intrinsive value, or are they “overvalued?”

Years ahead of the end of the property bubble, in 2004 Javier authored the essay “Your job will go too, but you can do something about it”, predicting the negative effects that illegal immigration, robotics, automation and offshore outsourcing would eventually have in Western societies.


In 2007 Javier authored the 347 page book “Mobile, Domains and The Future” predicting – among others –  the current global financial depression and its effect on the mental health of individuals, increasing taxation of virtual goods and services, the decline of the role of computers as the main technology access point in favor of mobile phones, the expansion of Google’s services as an interconnected meshed ecosystem surrounding the user, the advent of “free” as a business model.

Javier’s experience of the “big picture” includes having lived, studied, worked and conducted business in several countries around the world, as well as being an HMI-certified Hypnotherapist and founder of SunshineHypnosis.co.uk, one of the fastest-growing Hypnotherapy service providers in the UK.

Prior to becoming an independent agent Javier worked for world-class organizations including the Hyatt group, Royal House Interinmobilia, Sheraton Hotels and Resorts and others.

A fluent English and Spanish speaker, Javier presents on a variety of topics including business, future trends, future business opportunities, technology, virtual currencies, sales psychology and subconscious mind influence – in the UK and abroad.

Marti works with a limited number of clients every year, delivering information-packed presentations and tailor-made training in English and Spanish.






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